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Graceland Tuition Transformation

19 September 2023

Graceland University on 19 September announced sweeping changes to its tuition and financial aid formula to ensure greater price transparency and access to Graceland by all students. Graceland has always been competitively priced after factoring in financial aid and scholarships, but families have asked for a more simplified cost, and Graceland is providing it.

University leaders also announced new majors in Finance, Marketing, and Digital Content Creation, degrees in high demand by employers and students. These studies, like all majors, will include the Transformational Leadership degree announced last year giving all Graceland graduates a double major.

“For more than 125 years, Graceland has been committed to providing high-quality higher educational experiences for its students,” said Graceland President Patricia H. Draves, Ph.D. “For families, the cost of college can be complex, and many students and their families may think they cannot afford the exceptional experience of a private liberal arts school. We wanted to change that perception.”

In simplifying the tuition/financial aid formula, Graceland’s tuition rate of $32,500 will now be $19,950. Scholarship and financial aid opportunities will still apply in a scaled process that leaves the bottom line for attending Graceland University the same as last year at a time when other private schools are raising their tuition and fees.

“Graceland will continue to offer scholarships that recognize academic, fine arts, and athletic performance,” said Talia Brown, chief information and data officer. “What’s missing is the sticker shock. We will work with every student to ensure they understand the new tuition and scholarship structure.”

“New course offerings along with tuition transformation,” said Zach Mullins, head wrestling coach and associate athletic director. “We are trying to open up our doors and make an impact in so many more lives.”

“Families today want less between the tuition price and financial aid package,” said Deb Skinner, MSEd, vice president for enrollment and strategic growth. “They’re shopping online with pricing tools, and they want to compare the value of education to a truer price. Now, our first conversations with students can be all about the value of Graceland instead of talking finances.”

While Graceland’s new price point remains similar to four-year state schools, the value of a Graceland education will be much higher in comparison. All graduates now benefit from relevant degree majors and a double major that includes Transformational Leadership.

“At this moment in time, the public is questioning the value of a college education more than ever,” said Joel Shrock, Ph.D., vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty. “A four-year private education has a twenty-percent higher graduation rate, and Transformational Leadership builds on that statistic. Transformational Leadership focuses on the soft and strategic skills needed to enter the work world, giving Graceland graduates a competitive advantage over their peers.”

Freshman Cadence Sires and her mother, Kacie, believe it. Kacie Sires is a director at a Fortune 250 company. “Too often new graduates might be able to write a tweet but lack face-to-face communication skills needed in the workplace to collaborate and lead. I’m confident Cadence will benefit from her course work at Graceland and the lifelong friends she’s about to make.”

For Cadence, who first considered a state school, right now it is more about the smaller class size, being able to play two sports, and still do choir. She is excited about pursuing the new Digital Content Creation major and said the announcement is long overdue.

She is hopeful word will spread quickly so others will choose Graceland University for their education. “I wish they knew the opportunities here for them. …that Graceland is an option. Graceland is affordable. Graceland could be their home, too.”

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds expressed her support in a letter to the University:

“Innovation is essential for Iowa’s private colleges to thrive. Graceland University is an excellent example of what’s possible when purposeful change is embraced,” Reynolds said in her letter.

Already a leader in health and medical education, Graceland University will offer a doctorate in physical therapy for the first time beginning in January. New undergraduate tuition takes effect this fall. Learn more about Graceland’s tuition transformation.

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