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Heritage Plaza

Heritage Plaza is located in Independence, Missouri, USA.

The Sites

Flournoy House

Built in 1826 by Jones H. Flournoy, this was one of the first brick homes in this area and reported to be one of the oldest homes in Independence. In 1831, Joseph Smith Jr. and Edward Partridge met in the Flournoy House, and it is believed this is where the purchase of the 63.33 acres known as the “Temple Lot Property” was negotiated and purchased for $130 by the church. The deed was recorded on 21 December 1831. 

Fredrick M. Smith Study

This structure is one of the few pioneer homes left in Jackson County that represent the era of the early Saints. The home was built by the Stallcup family in the early 1830s and is reported to be one of the oldest slave cabins in Missouri. 

Dr. Frederick M. Smith, President of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 1915 to 1946, purchased the farm property and this little pioneer home in 1937. 

President Smith’s daughter, Lois Larsen, and her family moved to the farm and into the main house with him. As her family grew, he began to spend more time in the cabin, using it as a retreat for study and meditation. He eventually moved permanently to the cabin, with no luxuries except electricity and a bathroom, taking his meals with his daughter’s family in the main house. 

Plan Your Visit

Heritage Plaza remains closed at this time.


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