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Official Actions of the 2013 World Conference
chronological documentation of every action made by the Conference, including electing and sustaining leaders, adoption of World Conference Resolutions, assignments of World Church officers, and First Presidency statements about legislative outcomes.

Thursday, April 18        

Closing Worship

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Sending Forth Remarks by Steve Veazey

  Official Minutes  

Official Minutes of Business Session
Thursday, April 18, 2013


Sheet music for song sung by Conference Kids: "Children of Peace"

Wednesday, April 17        


Songs from the Hymn Festival

  Official Minutes  

Official Minutes of Business Session
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Clarification on World Conference Actions



Peace Through All People

"PEACE THROUGH ALL PEOPLE" video is a collective singing of "Peace, Salaam, Shalom" written by emma's revolution. This song is a part of Community of Christ's new hymnal, Community of Christ Sings, to be released Oct 18, 2013 . It is representative of over 75 other songs we can sing collectively as a global family. The hymnal project sent Major Oak Productions with Joey Williams to record members and friends around the world singing songs from this collection. Take a moment to watch the unique voices that each one of us have to offer in the pursuit of peace.

Tuesday, April 16        


Ordination Prayers
Song: "E te feia mo'a no te Metia"


Official Minutes


Official Minutes for April 16, 2013 business session

Monday, April 15        

Official Minutes


Official Minutes for April 15, 2013 business session





SUNDAY, April 14        

Sunday Communion and First Presidency Services

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Words of Counsel

  Official Minutes  

Official Minutes for April 14, 2013 business session

SATURDAY, April 13      



Saturday Opening Worship/
Legislative Session

Official Minutes

Official Minutes for April 13, 2013 business session



Welcome to Conference


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> World Conference Brings Thousands to Independence
> Raise Your Voice at the International Hymn Festival
> Service Project Brings Conference Theme to Life
> Denominational Information

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