Child Protection

child protectionCommunity of Christ's mission statement is: We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.  The ministry of child protection ensures the safety of children in our care, justice for abusers (perpetrators), and the building of communities of blessing.

In this context our mission is to share the peace of Jesus Christ in all dimensions, acknowledging each person's worth and dignity.


Child Protection congregational poster: PDF or PUB

Children and Youth Worker Registration
Child Protection Training


Please note: the PowerPoint presentation linked above is intended for informational purposes only. For copyright reasons we are unable to make the whole course available via the website. Please contact your Mission Center for the 'Core Training pack, which contains a disc of the Child Protection Coordinator teaching this course, a downloadable PowerPoint presentation, script and additional materials with permissions. Please contact Karen Waring 816/833 1000 ext. 2220 for more information.

Questions?  Contact Coordinator Karen Waring.

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