Getting into Print…Herald Publishing Specifications

Submission policy: All stories—invited and unsolicited—will be edited for clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and several other qualities. Because of deadlines and capacity, contributors typically will not be involved in the editorial process.  Publication dates for specific articles may change based on organizational priorities. Editorial copy should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word.

Photos and visuals are best submitted as jpg or tif attachments.  Scanned images need to be 300 dots per inch (dpi) or higher. Photos need to be taken by a digital camera with at least 4-megapixel capacity, though bigger is better. In terms of pixels, photos should be at least 1,818 for width and 1,363 for height. Larger is always better. Cell phones rarely meet this minimum. Prints and slides are acceptable if focused and exposed properly.

Letters to the editor from varied perspectives are welcome, especially in response to material in the Herald. Submissions must be expressed in a charitable manner. Brevity is essential; about 700 characters with spaces.

Features and testimonies are written in consultation with the Herald Team; please submit proposals (length: 3,000—6,000 characters with spaces).

News items related to individuals, congregations, and groups whose activities express the mission of the church are welcome. Submissions may range from 1,000–2,200 characters with spaces. In most instances, accompanying photographs are essential.

Celebrate Community is the church’s “worldwide photo album,” highlighting pictures and brief captions of significant events, people, and groups. In general, sacraments are not published because of the volume of submissions. Notices of major awards, superannuations, anniversaries of 60 or more years, and birthdays of 90 or more years may be submitted, but photos will not run. Personals, such as death notices, will not be published. >


By submitting written, graphic, or photographic materials to the Herald, the submitter consents and authorizes the Herald and Community of Christ to copyright, use, and reproduce the submission (written, photographic, illustrative, electronic, and/or digital image), and circulate and use the same for any and all official resource, use, or purpose including but not limited to print, film, or electronic media, and reproduction or digital representation of every description on the Internet/World Wide Web. Consideration hereby is waived in perpetuity, and no further claim of any nature whatsoever may be made by the submitter. The submitter retains the right to reproduce his or her submission.

Please submit news items to and all other items to

Mail to: Herald, 1001 W. Walnut, Independence, MO 64050; fax: (816) 521-3043; phone: (816) 833-1000, ext. 1143 or 3041.