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The Herald is the denominational magazine of the Community of Christ. This award-winning publication is produced and distributed monthly in English by Herald House.

Feature articles, news items, perspectives from church members and friends around the world, and official announcements make the Herald a valuable resource for church members worldwide. 

The e-Herald (or electronic Herald) is the denominational magazine of the Community of Christ in Adobe Reader format.  It is published monthly in English, just like the paper magazine, and is available for download by anyone having a current e-Herald subscription.   See a sample issue.


Herald subscriptions

One-year subscription: 

Missouri Resident: $34.43 (includes sales tax)

Other U.S. Resident: $32.00

Canada Resident: USD $38.00 plus GST

Subscribe to the Herald magazine online

For subscription orders outside the United States: e-mail Customer Service at subscriptions@HeraldHouse.org or call 011-816-521-3015; in Canada, call 1-800-373-8382.

If you receive a subscription through the Herald-in-Every-Home program, express your personal commitment to the congregation by making a donation to your local budget.