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President’s Address
October 5, 2014, 6:00 p.m. CDT

During the next address October 5, we will explore the following paragraphs of the words of counsel:

Free the full capacity of Christ’s mission through generosity that imitates God’s generosity. Discover deep joy and life’s meaning by promoting divine purposes on Earth. Listen to the testimonies of those who are responding and follow your soul’s yearning to come home to God’s grace and generosity.

Remember, a basic discipleship principle is growing Christ’s mission through both local and world mission tithes according to true capacity. Giving to other worthwhile organizations, while an important part of A Disciple’s Generous Response, follows world and local mission tithing and should not diminish or replace it. If a law is needed to focus and balance response, then let these tithing principles serve that purpose.

Tithing is a spiritual practice that demonstrates willingness to regularly offer every dimension of one’s life to God. When defined by faith, love, and hopeful planning, including resolving indebtedness, capacity to respond becomes much greater than initially assumed.

We will focus on the joy of generosity as a spiritual practice that draws one closer to God and others. President Veazey will also provide an official interpretation of the church’s teaching and practice of tithing to support Christ’s mission throughout the world. The October 5 address will be webcast live in English, French, and Spanish.

The series of live President’s Address webcasts will continue on

·        April 12, 2015

·        October 4, 2015

·        April 3, 2016

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Community of Christ International Peace Award Ceremony
October 24, 7:30 p.m. CDT  

All are invited October 24 at 7:30 p.m. (CDT) to the peace award ceremony, which will be webcast live in English, French, and Spanish from the Temple in Independence, Missouri. The Rev. David Beckmann, Bread for the World president, will give an acceptance address. This event also kicks-off the annual Peace Colloquy, themed “Poverty: God Weeps.”

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